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Anedix is working with Rural-Urban Entrepreneurship Development Institute to develop a website. The website will be for cultural tourism around handmade art. An article describing the project overall is available on


I wanted to take a moment to show appreciation for the tremendous help you offered our business.I attempted to create an online shopping cart for my company. It was difficult to take the time necessary to create the site and input the data. In fact, in my limited experience I nearly lost all of the data that had taken so long to develop.A friend told me about a company called Anedix Technologies and how they could help make this website function. I met with a representative, Paul Cardwell, to explain the features, I wanted to see in the shopping cart and how I was hoping for it to function.A few days after we met, Paul had the website in order, functioning with all the features I had asked for. His politeness, professionalism, knowledge, timeliness and ability were certainly welcomed characteristics during every phase of web site development. Since then, our company has been fortunate to have served hundreds of new customers because of the online shopping cart. Hats off to you and your company for a job well done!- David W. EvansPresident of Walt Evans Decorators Visit website On-line.



We develop custom databases, intranets, web friendly software, handheld device applications, kiosks, *support existing custom made software and other stand-alone applications.



Using technologies such as Java, Swift and Lua, we can create applications specifically suited to the customer's requests for both iOS and Google Android mobile devices.



Anedix Technologies provides WebApps by utilizing open-source and commercial software. WebApps are client side with an underlying engine on a server.